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Dining: Tarbell’s approaches 20 years in Phoenix and continues to deliver the best of comfort food

Posted by on Jun 24, 2013

Dining: Tarbell’s approaches 20 years in Phoenix and continues to deliver the best of comfort food

Tarbell’s, Phoenix

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I had an opportunity recently to go behind the scenes at Tarbell’s restaurant and sit down with Mark Tarbell, Chef and restaurant owner, to learn about how he got started in the business and how his business has remained so strong over the years.  Mark was warm and down to earth and I really enjoyed chatting with him.  After owning his restaurant for 20 years, he remains deeply passionate about serving his guests the best quality product that he can produce.  Tarbell’s serves what Mark describes as comfort food and everything on the menu has been carefully cultivated to ensure it is the best quality that can possibly be delivered to guests.  Take a look at the picture I’ve included of the steamed mussels I was served at Tarbell’s.  They are, by far, the best and highest quality I have ever had.  Honestly, I have never seen a mussel like those I was served in Tarbell’s.  Mark’s long list of awards and recognition is proof that he is doing things right.  From winning an Iron Chef competition to cooking for notable movie stars, Mark has a long track record of success and his cooking and creativity is in high demand.

Tarbell’s is located at 32nd Street and Camelback and the restaurant is set in a lovely setting with light colored wood and contemporary artwork.   Please see my detailed review on  along with the details of my one on one interview with Mark Tarbell.  If you haven’t been to the restaurant, it is definitely worth a visit and don’t be surprised if you are greeted by Mark at the door.  It’s not uncommon when he’s in town for him to greet his guests and check in to ensure their dining experience is memorable.   Also, if you visit Tarbell’s website, Mark has taken the time to publish some of his most popular restaurant recipes as well as family recipes that he grew up enjoying and now serves in his restaurant.   Mark is certainly one who is open to share his thoughts and passions about food and cooking.   There’s no question once you’ve met him and visited Tarbell’s why his restaurant has remained successful for so many years.

Click here to read my detailed review on

Tarbell's Interior is contemporary and modern

Tarbell’s Interior is contemporary and modern

Mark Tarbell, Chef and Restaurant owner of Tarbell's, Phoenix, AZ

Mark Tarbell, Chef and Restaurant owner of Tarbell’s, Phoenix, AZ

Freshly steamed mussels

Freshly steamed mussels

High quality mussel delivered by Tarbell's

High quality mussel delivered by Tarbell’s

Fresh Farmer's Market Salad

Fresh Farmer’s Market Salad




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