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Dining: Delux Burger – The Best Burger in Phoenix

Posted by on May 15, 2013

Dining: Delux Burger –  The Best Burger in Phoenix

Delux Burger, Phoenix

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It was a quiet and boring Sunday until I heard the words “Hey, do you want a Delux Burger?”  Now, that perked me up! The really freaky thing was I had been thinking about a Delux burger that morning and didn’t dare suggest we go because it’s a bit of a drive for us. Delux truly has some of the best burgers in Phoenix. It doesn’t matter what your dining tastes are, everyone loves a good burger. It’s just one of those American things. If you aren’t American, a burger and fries is still top of the list. I sat in cafes in Paris and a burger and fries was typically the most expensive item on the menu, besides Coca-Cola, and guess what the Parisians were ordering?

You are always guaranteed a juicy and thick burger from Delux. I don’t know how they make their burgers so incredibly juicy but they manage to do something different! If you aren’t into burgers, there’s plenty of other selections on their menu. I imagine salads and sandwiches are good but I never order anything but a burger when I go to Delux. They also have sweet potato fries along with regular fries delivered hot out of the fryer to your table. They are always crisp, fresh and delicious!

Delux also serves their homemade secret recipe aioli which you can slather on your burger when it arrives. The only place I’ve ever been that I think can compete with a Delux burger is Taylor’s Refresher up in St Helena, California (wine country). I loved Taylor’s so much that when I was up in San Francisco for work, I would drive 2 hours each way to get a burger and fries from Taylor’s. I’m not going to say Delux is a perfect substitute but if it was in the middle of wine country and you got your food in a basket and then sat out on picnic tables in a grassy meadow and got to eat it, I would say it was pretty close but Taylor’s is still my number one!

Another thing that makes Delux stand out is their beers on tap. They have 40 beers on tap so you don’t have to go to a dive bar to get good micro brews on tap! Delux is sleek and contemporary tucked away in a shopping center at the corner of Camelback and 32nd. So, afterwards, there’s plenty of shopping and things to do nearby. You’re not in the middle of nowhere, Delux is right in the middle of the Biltmore district. Delux can get pretty busy at times and I noticed a few years ago, into the suite next door and now offer curb side service to go.

The only piece of advice I could give is if you are taking kids. They have a kids menu but the food preparation is not as kid friendly as it could be. Hot dogs are grilled and charred which is great, unless you are 10 years old. Then there’s “something black” on your hot dog and that’s a problem. Also, their peanut butter and jelly is a very robust sandwich. There’s jelly and jelly and more jelly. You know what that equates to? A very big mess when it’s for a toddler. So, be sure to state clearly that you want your kids food prepared a certain way so you don’t have to be scraping peanut butter and jelly off the sandwich while your juicy burger gets cold.

By the way, when you order your burger medium rare at Delux, you’re going to get medium rare. They do their meat just right.

Delux Burger Photo by: Delux Burger

Delux Burger
Photo by: Delux Burger

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